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Online Learning

Online learning

Do you prefer learning from home? 

Flagstaff have put together the below resources for you to access in your spare time. Don’t forget to ask your manager, support worker or support coordinator if you have any questions about the courses available. 

If you have additional information you’d like to see on this page contact Alison Turner on 02 4272 0203

Appropriate Workplace Behaviour

Behaviour, Humour & Boundaries.  This module aims to enhance the general understanding of what is deemed behaviour that is appropriate…


Communication can take many forms, verbal, visual and audio just a few examples. In this module you learn about active…

Computer Literacy

Today, computers are almost everywhere.  For that reason, we must learn to use them so we can do the essential…

Cover Letters

What is a Cover Letter and why do I need one? Complete this course to learn all about Resume Cover…

Covid Safety

Flagstaff is working with the NSW Government to make sure its employees, customers and members of the wider community stay…


An ever-greater number of people spend a large amount of time online particularly during the pandemic when lockdown orders were…


Understanding money and how it can work for you is an important life asset. While money can not buy happiness,…

Resume Writing

What is a Resume & why do I need one? Complete this course to learn all about Resumes.

Workplace Health and Safety

Safety First… Always. Safety is everybody’s job at Flagstaff. We all have the ability to look out for each other…